Considering the monitors are shitty I have too say I find the games very entertaining. I have to say more entertaining than ESWC masters. I never liked the overpowered xerp shaft and aim whoring. The games now felt so much more like the old days. With people taking risks while improvised alot. And from what I know, everyone knew the monitors would be shit. It's not hard to figure out that you can't depend on your LG on those conditions. So I'm actually surprised that, for example(!) noctis gave wo because of it(i might be misinformed but you get my point).

I understand that alot of players who based their games on aim couldn't play their normal game are pissed off. But lets face it. Everyone had too play on the same monitors. Adapt, or die.

I'm ready too say that for the spectators of CPMA vq3, 60ms tft widescreeen monitors are a good.

Because considering the monitors are shitty, I've had a fucking great time watching this tournament.

edit: Final game OMG, vq3 is so beautiful without this fucking shaftwhoring.