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Abusive Posts has been designed to promote feedback from game players, and encourage interaction among readers. Please use the features responsibly, as abusive posts will ruin the experience for other readers. Site admins reserve the right to edit all content, to ensure the smooth running of the website.

You may not advertise or spam on this website. For business partnerships with ESReality, contact Sujoy Roy for more information. Links to other websites are, of course, perfectly fine as long as they are of benefit for the ESR reader (e.g. interesting articles on other websites) and not simply abusing the space.

Post Types
There are 11 basic types of Thread. Please choose the right type for your post.
  • News - Factual, current information

  • Coverage - Reports from an event

  • Forums - Discussion topics

  • Columns - Personal opinions, personal accounts

  • Articles - Longer on-topic features

  • Files - Uploaded files (not demos)

  • Demos - In-game replay files (recordings)

  • Request - Messages to ESReality admins

  • Movie - Information and links to a movie file

  • Avatar - Small icons to be displayed alongside your name

  • Journal - Personal diary updates
Post Filtering
The subject matter on ESReality ranges across many different topics so whenever you create a "new post", it needs to be classified into the right categories. Please try to use the right topic or category.

Most categories are specific to a single game, or family of games. There are a few other special topics which should be used when appropriate:
  • All - Admins only for essential notices

  • Gaming - Regarding a game not listed explicitly

  • Hardware - Game hardware / Internet access

  • Offtopic - Not related to computer games
Post Tags
Content posted will appear literally as typed, and so html tags cannot be posted by users. To allow some personalisation, bold and italicised text can be created by enclosing words in square bracket tags as follows:
bold text, italicised text
Similarly, text can be indented by using
tags around the section of words.

Hyperlinks can be created by simply typing out the url, as long as you include the protocol. For instance, website links are generally written out as If you prefer to provide a link with a description instead, use the following syntax:
My Description
You can also insert flags where they are useful by entering a special flag tag, e.g. [flag=UK] for the UK flag image. For a list of the tags check this page.

Some text can also be hidden from view until a button is clicked. To hide text, enclose it with [hide] and [/hide] tags. The default heading is 'Results' but you can choose your own button heading by adjusting the tag to: [hide=Headline].

Since this site is browsed by people from all over the world, there are special time tags to convert a standard time to the reader's local zone. This means that you can let people know what time a tournament starts without worrying which timezone they are in. To show the entire date and time, use [time=2006-06-12 20:00:00 BST]. You can write out the date and time in plain english format, or mysql/php format but please ensure that you include your timecode, e.g. GMT, BST, CET, CEST, PST, etc. or convert your time to UTC if you're not sure what to use. If you don't want the entire date and just want to show the time, use [shorttime=20:00 BST].


Input text -
My Tournament was held last night at [shorttime=20:00 BST] and four players battled it out for the first place prize.
[hide=Final Standings]
1st place = ME
2nd place = MY DOG
3rd place = MY FISH
4th place = FATAL1TY

Resulting display -
My Tournament was held last night at 13:00 CST and four players battled it out for the first place prize.

Flags and Avatars
You can add flag and avatar images to your posting by using simple tags. To add a flag simply use [flag=country]. Avatar's are created similarly from the avatar list as [avatar=name].

Input text -
[flag=Sweden] Swedish players are good at [avatar=Quake 4] Quake 4.

Resulting display -
Sweden Swedish players are good at Quake 4 Quake 4.

Complete list of icons: flags, avatars

For completeness, there is the option to upload files along with all post types. The attached file is viewed and approved by an admin before it becomes available. Please only use this option when it is absolutely necessary.

To create images that appear alongside your text, use the "Inline Img" filetype option. If you are going to use this option, please make sure that the image is small!

Alternatively you can use the "Place Img" option to add images (including large ones) to a posting. If you use this option, you should insert [img1] where you want your attached image to appear. If you have multiple placable images, then use [img2], [img3] and so on to place them. Remember that the images must still be approved before they will replace your [img] tags. You can also chose the alignment of your images by adjusting the tag, e.g. [img1=left] will left-align the image, [img1=center] will centre the image, and [img1=right] will right-align the image.

Users are encouraged to post demos that they believe other people would like to watch. Please bear in mind two things before you post a demo: 1 - We have limited resources and will not approve every demo that is uploaded, 2 - Approving too many demos creates a flood that puts readers off browsing. If you have several demos of a similar type, please only post the best one and then consider posting the others if you have an overwhelming response.

To upload demos, choose demo from the Contribute page. Fill out all fields accurately. If an option is not available, e.g. game, mod, map, gametype, etc. specify enough information in the demo description so that the admins can make the changes themselves. The demo will not appear until it is approved by an admin.
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