User accounts
You can currently use the website without registering. However, we recommend all readers register a user account to make the most of the website experience. To do this you go to the Register page - you must have a valid email address. Note that your email address will not be displayed publically on the website unless you specifically ask for it to be shown.

After submitting your email address, you will receive by mail a short message from the website with a special link. Clicking the link will open a new page where you can choose a username and a password. Once you have entered a valid username and password, your account is registered on the system. To make the most of your account you should Log in, as this will unlock the additional features and save you typing out your username and password all the time.

Your passwords are encrypted so that it is virtually impossible (assuming you have a sensible password!) for anyone to decipher the original text from the database, including site administrators.

Personalising your own account
You can personalise your own account on the website if you like. Simply click on your name at the top left of the screen, and then click on edit user. On this form you can change your username and your password to keep them up to date. You can also add information about yourself for other readers to view. Your email address will only be visible to yourself and site administrators unless you chose to disclose it. You should keep your email address up to date, because it is the only way of verifying who you are, and if you forget your password it will be the only way to recover your account.

On the edit user page you can also upload a picture of yourself. This should be a jpeg or gif image of size 60 pixels height and 60 pixels width. Simply press browse and find the image on your local hard drive. To avoid unsuitable images being uploaded, they will be individually approved by an admin before shown on the website.

You can also choose to set your home country on this page, and doing this will also make your flag appear by your name in comments that you post. If you prefer not to have your flag appear, you can also choose an avatar image instead from the avatar selection box. If none of the avatars appeal to you, you can upload your own on this page.

Similarly you can upload an optional config file for your own records and for other users that may be interested. Ideally you should put all your config files together in one zip, but you may also upload a single text file if you wish.

Writing new content
After registering an account you immediately have access to make significant contributions to the community. The site is not made up of admins and readers, we are all part of the same community and we can all contribute to this website. We urge everyone to go ahead and add any of the following:
  • news bulletins that you think are important
  • column updates with your personal opinions
  • forum topics you would like discussed
  • articles on topics that you think are important
  • game recordings that you have made or discovered
You do not have to contribute, but it is an incredibly rewarding experience to take part in a large community of gamers.

Please be respectful of all other members of this website. Before adding content make sure you read and conform to the Posting Guidelines.

Virtual Money (E$)
Along with your user account, you are also granted E$100 - virtual money for ESReality. In addition to that you are also awarded E$20 for each day that you are registered, up to a maximum of E$500.

Currently E$ can be used for the betting game (navigating to games>>betting), where you can wager your virtual money on ESports matches and try to pick the right winners. Also there is an ES Shop where you can make purchases with your virtual money.

Instant Messaging
Users on ESReality can send each other instant Messages (iMsg) to chat easily with each other. Also the website will send you some instant messages to keep you updated (for example if you win a bet and are being awarded E$ prizes). Currently the instant messaging takes place in a popup window, so you will need to have javascript enabled to use this feature. You can also disable auto-popup of messages by editing your personal profile, and then ignore them completely if you want.
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