This website has a huge amount of content, and so we've added features to help you find just the information you're interested in. Firstly, every piece is categorised by the type of update. You can generally access each type of content by using the Navigation menu at the top right of the screen. The basic features are as follows:
  • News: Factual information delivered regularly
    The opening page currently displays the latest news, you can also jump to the news section by hovering the mouse pointer over the text option and then clicking news.

  • Columns: Organized and formatted opinions of individual readers
    To view the latest columns, hover the mouse over the text option and then click columns.

  • Forums: Discussion topics brought up by readers
    To view the latest forum threads, hover the mouse over the text option and click forums.

  • Articles: Longer features devoted to specific topic
    To view the latest articles, hover your mouse cursor over the text option and click articles.

  • Journals: Personal experiences and opinions not long or focused enough, or suitably formatted for a column
    To view the latest columns, hover your mouse cursor over the text option and click articles.

  • Files: Certain useful or interesting files, uploaded for public use
    To view the latest files, hover the mose over the media option and click files.

  • Galleries: Publicly visible collections of images
    To view the latest galleries, hover the mose over the media option and click galleries. To browse through photos, use the Images button which appears in each gallery and the Next Image button to change pictures. A summary box also appears on the right side of the screen to let you jump directly to individual pictures.

  • Demos: Game recordings which can be viewed on your own computer
    To view the latest demos, hover the mose over the media option and click demos. A list of demos appears on the screen. You can click on the team names to get more information about each demo, or download the file directly by clicking Downloads. You can also create extensive searches for the demos you are interested in by clicking search options. If you have problems downloading demos go to site->prefs and set Download Anonymously to "yes".

Filtering for the game you play encourages participation in all types of games that are played online and competitively. However, it's likely that you are not interested in all of the games being covered. To personalise the site to your requirements we have added filters to remove information about other games. Activating the filters is simple: click on the filter link in the top right of the screen, and choose the categories you're interested in. If you are logged in, you can choose to set these filters as your personal default - they will be automatically activated every time you visit the site.

Note: Badly categorised content may also appear, the site moderaters will try to stop this happening. You should also make sure any updates you make are properly classified to help other users.

Quick Navigation
Because of the vast array of options and the constantly changing content on, we have added Summary Boxes to help you find your way around the website. These highlight certain pages based on how recently they have been added. On the general pages, you will find three Summary boxes along the top of the screen highlighting the latest content updates:

  • Spotlight: Summary highlights of the whole website.
  • Latest Columns: Well written column updates by members of the community
  • Latest Demos: The latest big game recordings for download
In the demo section, all three top Summary Boxes are relevant to that section only.

Additionally there are more Summary boxes displayed along the right side of the screen, specific to the page you are reading. These are:
  • Other Items: A listing of 'other items' relevant to the page you are reading
  • More Columns: If you are reading a column update, this box provides more from that user
  • Latest Polls: A quick summary of reader polls on the website, with the ability to vote on the latest one
  • Latest Threads: The latest comments to any content on the website

Comments on
An important feature on this website is the ability for everyone to comment on anything added to the website. All readers are encouraged to provide their own opinions and feedback, which adds depth to the original articles. If you would like to add your own comment to anything on the website, first click on the headline and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will find a website form where you can enter text. If you have not registered, you are currently able to comment anonymously although doing this will publically display your Internet IP address. Also as an anonymous poster you can only submit a limited number of messages per hour. We recommend all users register an account.

You can also reply to other users' comments by clicking on the reply button next to their text. The comments on are threaded and replies appear indented and below and the original pieces. Please read and conform to the Posting Guidelines whenever commenting, as this helps keep the site running smoothly and saves time on moderation.
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