In this video:

he states the following:
"I have a lifetime of playing video games, at one point I was one of the best Quake players in the world"

He was born in 1971, so at the time of the Quake release he was minimum 25 years old, with job and family, how much do you believe what he is saying about himself holds true ? Given there was no comparable activity in his youth he could trained for, i.e. FPS Multiplayer shooter, Quake was completely new to him as well. Do you think he had any chance against the teenagers that try harded that game at that time?

Him playing now a game like Diablo 4 to the max level is not necessarily sign of a skilled player, as we all know RPG tryhards generally suck at games requiring mechanical skills (they often concentratre only on rpg games to hide that fact), don't you think if he had any (true) love for Quake, or better skills, he would show a demo of him playing and showing some of his skills?