Bounce. Climb. Hook.

Re:Mobilize is a Quake modification that introduces three new movement-based mechanics to the game, opening up devious new challenges to players and a whole new dimension of possibilities for level designers.

Trampolines: Perform death-defying leaps of faith across even the most intimidating gaps and chasms.

Wiremeshes: Nothing can stop you, not even gravity itself. More than just simple ladders, these surfaces let you move up, down, sideways, and even hang from ceilings.

Lighthook and Lightpanels: The lighthook's purely photonic composition allows it to instantly latch onto any visible lightpanel, regardless of distance. You'll be hooked in no time - literally.

Re:Mobilize comes with multiple challenging new levels from the malevolent minds of the Quake community, each employing Re:Mobilize's signature mechanics. Furthermore, not content with simply redefining Quake movement, Re:Mobilize enjoys and expands upon the benefits of dumptruck_ds's groundbreaking progs_dump development kit, giving level designers access to all of its dastardly features - and even some new ones.