Admin Guidelines
Readers that take an active role on ESReality are often granted extra access to help maintain this website. For those that have Admin access (User Admin, Site Admin, or Head Admin) this page contains a guide to using these privaledges.

The most important rule about being an admin on ESReality, is that it does not make you more important than other readers. Admins must not use or abuse their access to the site for personal reasons. If moderating a certain thread puts you in that position then simply don't do it - leave the moderation to someone else.

The second most important rule is to not treat this site as work. You have been granted extra access to this site just to give you extra options in case you need them. Don't change the way you use the website, keep doing whatever it is you enjoy about ESReality. If you happen to come across a juicy bit of news, then go ahead and add it. If you spot some cool demos that need to be approved then hit the approve button. If someone is swearing and causing trouble on a thread you're reading, then you can do a little moderation. Don't go looking for work, there are enough admins to help out without making it a chore!

This site would like to see the Posting Guidelines adhered to. Currently almost all users on the site are acting sensibly, but unfortunately gamer-language is a bit strong. We would like this site to be Universal to gamers no matter what their age, so strong language is being edited out where possible. It is slightly intrusive to edit other people's posts, but we need to keep this site clean as a good base for advertising and sponsorship by the gaming industry.

Every so often an Anonymous user will post a completely unacceptable comment. If there are no replies, it should be deleted. If there are replies that should not be lost (deleting the parent will automatically delete all replies) then you can use the Nuke button instead - this will replace the text but keep all replies intact. An admin page to view every update to the website is available if necessary:

Moderation should only apply to maintain the Posting Guidelines, not to supress opinion.

File Approval
Files that are uploaded by users of ESReality must be approved before they can be publically downloaded. This is done to avoid inappropriate files being made available on the website. As user admins you have access to approve files that have been uploaded, including demo recordings. Please try to ensure that the file you are approving is appropriate. A list of files awaiting approval is available on this admin page:

Please check that a file is necessary before approving it. Also if the file is an image, please make sure it is an appropriate size to fit the page, and also the filesize is not too large. If you feel up to it, you can edit the image and resize/jpeg compress.

For demos, make sure that the demo information is correct and complete before approving the demo file. If information on the demo is missing then it should either be corrected or deleted.

Should be fairly self-explanatory (more info will be added later).

To create a poll, click "add thread" and then change "Thread" to "Poll/Bet". This will reload the page as a Poll submission. The poll options will not appear until after you have submitted the basic details of the Poll. Once you have done this, several new options appear in the edit screen. Click "Create New Option" to add a poll choice.

For adding Polls, you can ignore the probability entries (these are not used). Also leave the dates as the defaults, unless you want your poll to stop taking votes at any time.

Create a Betting Fixture the same way you would make a Poll. However for each option you also have to assign a probability. A probability is a number between 0 and 1, where 0 means that the result is never going to happen and 1 means that the result is definitely going to happen. Setting 0.5 would indicate a 50-50 likelihood. The start_probability and polloption_probability should be set to the same value. Also if you add up all the probabilities, they should sum to 1 exactly. If you're not really sure what the chances are of each option, the best idea is just to set equal probabilities (for example if there are just two options, set them to 0.5 each).

Also you must set the right start and end dates for betting options. This is important because readers shouldn't be able to vote after they know the outcome of what they're betting on! Make sure the end date is set so that betting closes before results can be known. Also you can set the start date if you don't want to allow betting before a certain time.

Update: The system for cashing bets has changed! Once you have the results for the bet, you should update the fixture with the correct results. When these are done, click the Cash Bets link to force the site to cash all bets made on that fixture. This cannot be easily reversed so make sure you have the results set right before cashing bets! Users that placed bets receive an iMsg with the outcome of their wagers.

Update 2: An additional form has been added to speed up the creation of bets and polls. On the page where you would add a new bet or a new poll, there is an extra section at the bottom of the screen. Tick the box to activate it. On this form you can add up to 5 Options for a bet or poll in one go with a common start date and end_date. For bets please ensure that you enter the probability too (for poll's there is no need to change the dates or probabilities).

Site Maintenance
Currently Head Admins can maintain crucial database entries via a maintenance page. This includes supported games, maps, mods, gametypes, etc. Because these entries are crucial to database integrity, they are only accessible by a select few people.
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