The german esport site Germany Fragster made an interesting interview with the CEO of the ESWC, France Matthieu Dallon. Among other things, he talks about the reasons why there has only been one Masters event so far and why the choice of games doesn't concern their sponsors.

They are a lot of changes in the eSports market. For example World of Warcraft is pushing into the scene while Warcraft 3 is heading more and more towards the Chinese market. How do you react on those developments?

Dallon: We are very happy that big studios like Blizzard define their strategy over eSports – that's a good step. We expect a lot of Starcraft 2, more than from World of Warcraft but that's our personal opinion. Nevertheless we often follow this opinion since we are independent and a company of gamers. We do what we like that's why we do Quake 3 and keep Counter-Strike 1.6.

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