Intervention (osp6): 20% (147)

Dreadful Place (q3shw23): 17% (124)

Realm of Steel Rats (cpm4): 15% (113)

Hidden Fortress (dm20): 15% (110)

Campgrounds (dm6): 14% (100)

Retribution (dm7): 9.1% (67)

Dies Irae: 5.4% (40)

Tornado: 4.9% (36)

As announced previously, the DreamHack Summer 2011 will feature a TDM 4v4 tournament. So far the rules and format are still unknown and the admins are looking into TDM maps to build their maplist. The goal would be to have 7 maps in the pool, with Grim Dungeons (dm14), Purgatory and Deep Inside (osp5) as the 3 core maps.

For the last 4 maps, the admins asked to run a poll on ESReality to get the input of the community. They selected the following maps for you to rank:
- Campgrounds (dm6)
- Dies Irae
- Dreadful Place (q3shw23)
- Hidden Fortress (dm20)
- Intervention (osp6)
- Realm of Steel Rats (cpm4)
- Tornado
- Retribution (dm7)

/ With love from the DH admins <3