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It all started on the 9th of January 2011 when tybalt created a forum thread here on esr asking "QLTDM 4v4 - a possibility at next DH?". It was turned into a major news soon cause as the post stated: "The more interest the more chance that this will happen". 328 excited comments and a lot of talk on irc showed that not just a few people were anticipating a TDM LAN. With enough teams expressing their interest in attending, Dronar delivered the official confirmation just one month later: "TDM For DreamHack Summer". Since then the expectations and interest rose as fast as the level of competition and now its June and we are only 5 days away from the first QL TDM LAN epicness!

So ŕ la carmac i will ask:
#1: Who is going to win the TDM competition?
#2: Who do you cheer for?
#3: Who will be the MVP of the Tournament?
#4: Will the Americans get out of their group?
#5: Who will be the dark horse of the tournament?
#6: Who will dissapoint?
#7: Will the lvl coverage be very good or very very good?

cu on lan!
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