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So, recently I was thinking "hey, maybe I dismissed QC too early" since I'm seeing all these people having fun in game, and streaming and what not.

Now for all of you who know me, you know I'm a ctf god and played maybe 50 duels and 100 tdms over my 8-9 years of playing quake. So when you take that in to account, on the first look qc doesn't have much to offer.

but then, I watched some duels, and couldn't stop watching. there's a lot of good players I watched, clawz, xron, spart1e, rapha, dahang, etc, but one guy stood out. it's Russia baSe. I've always known him as a great player (winning 125fps etc), a legit player ( never no controversies ) and a guy with a great sense of humour (the preparing for 125 fps cup videos).

So I've watched more and more, I've soaked up the knowledge and I felt blown away by this feeling of massive skill that is building up in me. I felt compelled to share this knowledge to the world. Unfortunately, someone compiled some of his gretest and brainest moves way before me, but I haven't seen it posted anywhere yet, so here it is.

How to play quake, by baSe:

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