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I updated my stats with the results from DHS 2011 and decided to share some of the interesting bits and comment on each of them. Lets start with having a look at the best 4 team's lineup:

Contrary to what people might expect, toxjq does not stand out. So who was so effictive in coman? Well basically everyone, they all have around 2k net damage and everyone has positive net frags. Their best player according to the numbers seems to be l1nkje, he as the most frags, did the most damage and has the best aim (39% acc) in a team of aimbots.

The player with the best stats in Reason Gaming is without a doubt noctis. Keep in mind that he probably got quite a bit of armor and did quite a bit of powerup runs, thus he is likely to be able to get more done than others, but the numbers still look impressive. He had +12 net frags in average, did almost 10k of damage in each game while keeping a stunning +2682 net damage. A player I was a bit dissapointed bit after watching the tournament was zyv. He didnt really hit as well (29% acc) as we are used to from him online and was rather unimpressive besides a few nice powerup runs. But looking at the number we can see that he was a real solid player for Reason, he has positive net damage on all maps besides the very final Hidden Fortress match simply by not getting into too much trouble (least damage taken) resulting in a respectable +5 net frags. For Deus the stats confirmed what we saw could see on stream he hits a lot of rails (average of 11 Impressive) and has great aim in general (39% acc). fazz kind of failed to set a mark at all.

Yep, silencep is a sneaky railwhore (least damage taken, 9 impressive per game). We can se a consistent team performance with very similar net damage (1100-1300) for all players with av3k being even more agressive (most dmagae dealt) than zik and v3rb.

Nothing that special to see here, gerrpa and zsx looking like the weaker half of the team. And garpy, the strongest dignitas player (most net damage), showing just what a great gamer he is, with those solid stats for a player without much Quake TDM experience in such a competitive LAN environment.

Looking at those stats from a team perspective:

Well no shit sherlock, coman had the strongest aimers (37% average acc) and simple was the dominating team (+6 net frags). Interesting is that srs, the team that everyone considers to be quite aggressive, has the least deaths and damage received, this might have to do with the maps they played.

So much for the players, lets have a look at the Maps now.

The Dreamhack map selection ratio is of course heavily influenced by the teams that got far in the tournament, but its still noteworthy that there are huge deviations from what we have seen in the other online tournaments so far.
Grim Dungeons, the second most played map in the past was only played 7 times. Turns out that coman didnt not play a single match on it and Reason only played it once. Hidden Fortress was played 21,4% at DH (dignitas played it most often), compared to 7,1% online. That is almost exactly as much as the most popular map Deep Inside. On the last position is Intervention that was only played a single time between srs and METSU.

Interesting is that we only got to see really close matches (Score difference < 5) on Grim Dungeons, Dreadful place and Realm of Streetrats.
Dreamhack produced quite a lot or new Records. Mainly to the many high scoring matches on Purgatory and Hidden Fortress. Interesting might be the following:
On Hidden Fortress METSU set a new record for the biggest score difference between teams and the highest scoring win in their 286:84 rape against nerfed. The new record for most frags in one match is 434 and happened on Hidden Fortress between Dignitas and FFA. The tendency for more slow and tactical games on Grim Dungeons resulted in the lowest winning score for a team in two matches (METSU 93:90 TA, d. 93:85 TA)

Talking about records, I will end this column with some Top 5 lists for the players. (Based on the average Stats of all the Playoff matches for every players that made it into the Semi Finals)

Most of the stats are automatically calculated based on the results that I have entered in an Excel/Open Office Calc document, feel free to check it out yourself cause there is much more to see like similar stats for the other tournaments and just a lot more stuff. Feel free to mess around with the data yourself.