Full thanks to SpiterBot team, I take no credit for this mod. But I wanted to upload files that were lost.

I have been looking for this version of the mod for probably about 5 years off and on, not really that aggressively but I just decided to sit down this week and put my back into it some and I managed to get some information on the version history using Wayback Machine and Google Translate plugins (because most of the forums it was related to were in Russian and long gone since 2004?).

A couple forums I got information on were obviously ESReality <3,, and (couldn't get far into their forum cache).

Anyways, I managed to put together something. And even if some of the files might not belong with the version I have (I think they do), the mod seems to run as great as I hoped and the CPU opponent Spite in this instance plays great. Now, there was a version that has been long available on most file sharing sites like MODDB and GameSpy... this would be Version .52 of SpiterBot. This version in particular was buggy outside of ZTN3Tourney1, and not really worthy of playing.

That lead me down a hunt for some older versions, and stumbled across hearing that SpiterBot V.50 RC9 was the only version worth playing. I had managed to get ahold of V.50 but none of the RC versions except RC9. And I just wanted to ask here if anyone knows if the RC1-8 were necessary versions for RC9 to function. But anyways, I got very fucking lucky and found V.51 and I am almost possitive that V.51 is basically RC1-9 and a new version patch added with it.

So if anyone wanted to play the REAL version of SpiterBot that was lost for like 16-17 years, I think I managed to revive it. The files will be attached. I also recommend picking up the QL maps down below, and bot support.