caught up with DreamHack Summer 2011 admin’s Sweden slayzah and Sweden snelvovve in the midst of their busy preparations for the giant upcoming LAN which will see top Duelists and TDMers from around the globe competing for a total of 80 000 SEK (8 700 EUR) in prizes across the two tournaments.

They talk about the future of Quake, the map pool, all the different DH competitions and much more, here is a snippet:
This is the first big TDM LAN in QuakeLive and the attendance looks to be good, do you think this is the start of TDM becoming a bigger deal again?

Sweden slayzah: I would really love that TDM started to become bigger again actually. If we (DreamHack) takes the first step to add a tourney with it, I hope more will follow.
Sweden snelvovve: I would sure hope so! So I will do my best to make this TDM experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
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