As i predicted years ago, in the months before Quake Champions was to be released, it was destined to die rather quickly, but i didn't know all of the issues and the debauchery that little Timmy, fat Zero4 and the other talentless hacks would have delivered.

No, i predicted it would die for one single reason: cheaters.

As was absurdly obvious already in the rotting quake live scene, cheating is rampant and ingrained in the quake community.

More so than in any other type of game, for two reasons:

1- quakers are obsessed about playing "the most skilled game in the world" (it's not;)

2- the average age is very high, all the veterans are above 30 and many of them well over 40.

Combine those two aspects together, and you have people willing to do literally anything to get any edge possible, be it item timers, wallhacks, aimbots, anything goes.

At the beginning on quake champions, quake veterans botting their fat, saggy tits off werent really noticeable due to the oceanic influx of cannon fodding noobs.

With noobs getting abused over and over and leaving the game, the scum is being distillated and concentrated more and more.

If you want a concrete example, take a look at this graph, showing qc activity in the last months:

focus on the negative peak in september: what happened in september that made so many people run for the hills?

Simple: the pts server was closed and the veterans going full retard merged back with the standard public server, that was experiencing unusually low amount of cheaters in the weeks the pts server was up.

When the orde of sweaty, chubby, mouth breathing, basement dwellers dribbled back into the normal servers, the sudden influx of cheaters washed away more people than usual.

I knew it would happen, it was inevitable. And every future quake game, no matter the quality of the base product, is destined to fail for the very same reason.

So, congratulations, my brothers.

You're a bigger liability to the franchise than Carmack/Willits/Bethesda ever will be.

This entire franchise is doomed.

There will never be another successfull multiplayer quake game, solely because of the cheating culture of quakers.

Tell me of any single other game where cheat developers and people who have been banned for cheating are not only unbanned but allowed to compete in international tournaments.

And then quakers have the gall to chat shit about other, more successfull, games.

Any other successfull game has more integrity. Fortnite, Call of duty, Apex legends, Lol, Dota, you name it, they have more integrity than quake, where we even let cheaters and cheat developers compete in tournaments, because if we actually banned all the cheaters in this game there would be almost nobody left.

Just few days ago, Fortnite banned a big streamer from the game for showing how cheats work on an alt account. In quake, they would have sent him an invitation to the next tournament.

So, we don't have the right to whine about other games. We're inferior to them.

We don't have the right to complain about id/bethesda.

They're doing the right thing, abusing the abusers.

Thank you bethesda, than you tim willits, for the quake community is too shitty to deserve anything better.

More punishment, if anything.