The Grand Final of the ESL Q3 EMS4 was finally played tonight and saw the victory of Alexey "cypher" Yanushevsky on Sebastian "spart1e" Siira in the 3rd map of the 2nd set of the Grand Final! Here are the final rankings of the competition:
cup_gold 1st. Belarus Alexey "srs/rzr/cypher" Yanushevsky - 450€
cup_silver 2nd. Sweden Sebastian "spart1e" Siira - 200€
cup_bronze 3rd. Russia Sergei "LaMz|k1llmaster" Govorov - 100€
4th. France Kevin "[M]strenx" Baeza
5th. China Zhibo "RazerJibo" Fan / Poland Konrad "FF|PROX" Kubal

More infos: Q3 EMS4 - Brackets
IRC: mIRC #esl.q3 - GTV: United States of America / Russia