Update: Sign ups for the Qualifier #1 are already full, but if you leave a comment in the ESL news you can be added to the waiting list.

The ESL ESL just released some informations about the qualification process for the Europe Quake 3 ESL Major Series 4. The top4 of 4 Qualifiers cups will gain access to the Q3 EMS4 roster, and the final 8 players will be selected from applications to be invited. After that, the 24 players will compete for the 750€ cashprize.

The Qualifier #1 will start this Sunday 22nd of March at 16h00 CET and will feature 2 group stages (8 groups of 4 players with bo1 matches, then 4 groups of 4 players on bo3) and a double elimination brackets on bo3.

Qualifiers schedule:
- Qualifier #1: Sunday 22nd March
- Qualifier #2: Sunday 29th March
- Qualifier #3: Sunday 5th April
- Qualifier #4: Sunday 12th April
More informations regarding the rules and the sign-ups can be found on the ESL website.

Source: ESL.eu - mIRC #esl.q3