This Sunday, 8th of May, will see the seventh round of the ql HoQ TDM Spring Season 2016!

The cash prize distribution has been finalized. We have a total of 562 and we don't really expect any more donation now. The first and second of Division 1 will respectively be rewarded with 210 and 150. The winners of Division 2 and 3 will respectively get 120 and 80. Again, thanks to our donors :)

Here is the schedule for this new round.

Last week saw two teams dropping out of div1: the big dicks and Pacmen. Just 4 teams are left now and Deliberate Murder vs Team Hungary will meet this Monday for the 3rd rank.

We had another drop out in Division 2, Onfire decided to give up. Division 3 also had its share of problems. RAKS couldn't get 4 players against Dretwe Lamy, who accepted a noshow win. But then Dretwe Lamy played against nerds with an invalid player (shib who is not part of their squad). In the end, Dretwe Lamy agreed to settle a new date against RAKS and was mercy'd twice by nerds anyway.

Update: excel was kicked out of Div2 after 2 noshows.

Streams: 102, klyb, k1lljoy, g4rlock
Links: Schedule, Rules - mIRC #HoQLeagues