Tonight is the night! As it was already announced the HoQ CA 4v4 Spring Season 2016 kicks off tonight at 21:00 CET with first CA matches of the season. A total of 21 teams, across three divisions will be battling to crown themselves as the HoQ CA champions.

To keep you entertained before match start, I set on a quest to get every team's predictions and thoughts about the league and upcoming matches. I have conducted interviews with team leaders spanning all three divisions. I managed to cover almost all of them. Some couldn't be reached, some didn't want to participate but overall it was an interesting experience. I've been working in fifth-gear for the past 24 hours to get this done as soon as possible, so please excuse any mistakes or typos that you might encounter while reading. I'm still editing on-the-go and getting some more interviews in. So keep checking this page.

Other than that, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all who agreed to be interviewed and to those who have helped me along this hectic journey. I have met many new and interesting people along the way and have really enjoyed interacting with you all. I hope you had a good time doing this as well as I did. Thank you again! Furthermore, each page of the article represents a Divison, so page 1 is div 1, page 2 div 2 and so on. Well... What are you waiting for? Start reading and enjoy!
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