This Sunday, 3rd of April, will see the second round of the ql HoQ TDM Spring Season 2016!

The crash prize distribution has been settled. Division 1 will receive 90% of it (50% for 1st rank, 25% for 2nd rank and 15% for 3rd rank) and Division 2's first rank will get the 10% left. You can see the details about the donators and the distribution in the google doc.

Here is the Round 2 schedule.

During the first Div1 round, the big dicks couldn't deal with it and pussied out with a forfeit loss. Team Hungary failed to show up because feeder decided Quake isn't fun anymore and dash wouldn't play without the best possible line-up. In the only match played, REKT got rid of Pacmen in 2 maps (Flair might upload that VOD to YouTube!).

Div2 went more smoothly. (B52) made a strong impression and double-mercy'd the Burrito. The Hateful Eight probably had a bad warm-up and needed a thrilling third map to win over excel. Also, WORLDSTAR used the wildcard against onfire. Finally, all the games from Div3 were played, and there are VODs available for all of them. So go and check them out!

Streams: Russia 102, United Kingdom funnyb, United States of America Flair TV
Links: Schedule, Rules - mIRC #HoQLeagues - Donate for the league