The fourth round of HoQ CA 4v4 Spring Season 2016 was played on April 14th featuring four matches across two divisions this time round.

The match results are the following:


Even though in this round we haven’t seen any division 1 matches being played, the folks in division 2 and 3 sure did their best to entertain us with their games. It’s those damn Russ.. uhm.. Danes again who were in the spotlight of the evening. The match division 2 has been looking forward to for a while now, the match that would decide the group leader, the match that would end world hunger (!), well not really but our hunger for a good CA game was fed by a nubz versus Team PULSE clash. Ruining this epic hype introduction is very well related to a 0:2 straight win for Team PULSE. That gets them the lead position in the group and gets everyone else’s fangs out ready to suck on their blood and points while at it. Other than that match, the German’s got the ‘boot’ (not Das Boot the movie) but an Italian one. The Italian Death Squad won over, now ashamed, Team CODIAN who lost in two straight maps. Team CODIAN now with no points added to their name don’t look too good. Italian’s managed to get 6 points so far and are tied with nubz.

A nice pairing was displayed in division 3, where we had two A and B teams from Frag Emm Clan and Because life is izi… The two, actually four, managed to play three mapper matches. One match went to the [IZI] B while facing F.E.C with a 2:1 win! Since the universe acknowledges only one constant and that is balance, in that retrospect F*E*C was bound to win, and win they did, while [IZI] A being the victims of poor planet alignment and sheer bad luck, lost. ‘Fraggers’ won this matchup with a 2:1 result. LG/ still leads the group with a nice purse of points, 12 being the number, while close second are the 2StH, while the third place is having a threesome. Three teams sharing the same amount of points, that being 6, and it features two [IZI] teams and one F*E*C team in a clench.

Be sure to check out some more upcoming matches this week!

Note: The servers used for official games MUST have HoQ gametype factories (hoq_ca) to enforce the proper CA settings. Please check the rules if you are not sure about something or contact a HoQ CA admin.

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