Attached is a small program for creating custom mouse acceleration curves in Windows.

inspired by this thread:

Thanks to Mark C. and hoppan for sharing the necessary info.


Default settings for Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows 8 can be loaded from the 'File' menu.

The acceleration curve is interpolated/extrapolated from 5 points on the coordinate system. ( 0, 0) is the first point and is implied. The user can select the next 4 points to create the curve:

( x1, y1)
( x2, y2)
( x3, y3)
( x4, y4)

Generally speaking:
The X value of a point represents how fast you move the mouse.
The Y value represents how much the cursor moves in response.

You can also remove mouse acceleration for older games that automatically enable it (such as quake 2) by entering a linear graph similar to:

( 1, 4)
( 2, 8)
( 3, 12)
( 4, 16)

A steeper slope means higher sensitivity. If you're trying to achieve a perfect 1:1 ratio of counts to pixels, see this thread: