The second round of HoQ CA 4v4 Spring Season 2016 was played on March 31st featuring five matches across three divisions. It seems things are slowly picking up pace for CA with division 2 being the most combat-ready as it had three matches played that night.

The match results are the following:


This time round division 1 proved to be a bit shy when it comes to the number of matches played. We only saw action in one match and that being between ENERG and brainwashed where the later pulled the short end of the stick. This victory brings 3 valuable points to ENERG which are also the first points this team scored so far. With three teams sharing the same number of points, things are set to be suspenseful for this yearís Division 1 HoQ CA .

Moving on to division 2 itís rather refreshing to see so many matches played on schedule, three to be precise. The Loaded/Gunz versus nubz proved to be most thrilling as it has pulled in a three mapper. It seems nubz had shown to be a little more experienced than their name suggests bringing them a second, division 2 victory so far. Italians turned out to be a more of a Dead Squad than Death, as they have lost to White Ivory in two maps, bringing Ivory a first match win this season. The final showdown between Team Pulse and Team CODIAN, saw Danes winning over the disciplined Germans in a 2:0 win and bringing them this seasonís first points. nubz lead their group with 6 points, followed by 3 pointers from Ivory and Pulse . Looks like division 3 mimics division 1 when it comes to the number of matches played, as the one and only was Loaded/Gunz pitting against 2 Steps to Hell. Judging by the result Italians were 2 steps from winning this match but still left hell bound and didnít manage to overcome the Gunz blazing team. A second win for the LG/ (life is good for them so far) assures their top spot in the division with 6 points.

Update: izi.A vs izi.B match result added!

Note: The servers used for official games MUST have HoQ gametype factories (hoq_ca) to enforce the proper CA settings. Please check the rules if you are not sure about something or contact a HoQ CA admin.

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