This Sunday, 1st of May, will see the sixth round of the ql HoQ TDM Spring Season 2016!

Here is the schedule for this new round.

Division 1 should be over by now, but we have 6 matches in the catchup round. Anyway, the main encounter for the first rank was played last week. It seems nobody will be able to stop deal with it now, REKT just lost to them in a close close game.

The main game of the second division was also played last week, (B52) faced last pick and managed to defeat them after a long evening! In the same week, the Russians also got rid of WORLDSTAR and are definitely leading the rankings now. Note that excel, Burrito and Onfire still haven't scored any points!

Only one game played for the 5th div3 round, Zombei ate up RAKS. Virtual owners and Dretwe Lamy have rescheduled for Sunday evening.

Update: Sweden Onfire decided to drop out, all the remaining opponents were given defwins.
Update2: Europe the big dicks didn't show up for their last match and decided to drop out before we kick them.
Update3: Europe Pacmen ran out of pills and dropped from div.

Streams: Russia 102, Russia klyb, United States of America flairtv
Links: Schedule, Rules - mIRC #HoQLeagues - Donate for the league