Scheduled: 15:30 GMT, 9 November 2013 to 19:00 GMT, 9 November 2013
Schedule: Passed

On this Saturday another 4 finalists will rise up from the second qualification round of cpma PROMODE DUEL MASTERS CUP. Amongst those who will meet on the promode battlefield on Saturday are e.g. Sweden funnyb, United States of America entik or Netherlands Padawan. The battle will begin at 16:30 CET. Players need to check in which they can do so in #masterscup channel. Check-ins are open from 15:00 GMT to 15:30 GMT. If you don't want to miss anything go to #masterscup channel! All players who failed in last qualification round are welcomed to try again - so they can fail again:D

Links: Cup page | United Kingdom BunnyhopTV, Russia & Russia 102 | mIRC #masterscup
Qualified from 1st round: Poland afghan, Canada kwong, Bulgaria Norz, Finland Lugia
VODs from 1st round: nekon |
UPDATE: Last four qualified finalists are: Sweden funnyb, Sweden rokky, Russia Lunokhod-2, Russia DEZ. Congratulations! The Grand Final of CPM MASTERS will be played on Saturday 23rd of November!
VODs from 2nd round: nekon | | 102