The VS Gaming Championship is the largest competitive LAN in South Africa. Taking place at the first ever Comic Con Africa event, from 14 - 16 September.
This annual championship event is the culmination of the regular VS Gaming League competitive season. The VS Championship accommodates the best Players and Teams from around the country across nine different video game titles.

Confirmed Players:
Seed 1 - South AfricaPh4ntom (Stephen Cloete)
Seed 2 - South AfricaShase (Travis Weedon)
Seed 3 - South AfricaAdrenalin (Henk Boshoff)
Seed 4 - South AfricaVoid (Mark Van Heerden)
Seed 5 - South AfricaSwift_Manslayer (Michael Liebenberg)
Seed 6 - South Africalickwidice (Farhaz Essa)
Seed 7 - South AfricaKaoticZA (Dwayne Mangiagalli
Seed 8 - South AfricaToothpick (Tyron Kidd)

Stream :

(going live 1 hour before event starts.)

Schedule :
(SAST , South African Standard Time, UTC+2)