It's been a long time since the last CPMA_text Q3 Promode tournament with actual prize pool (as in 'more then 20 bucks') took place. Tears have been shed about the grim future of Promode, glorious fights that have been fought, great time we've had and so little hope we had left over the past few years.

The community is organizing a worthy tournament with a prize pool to spice up the challenge and make things a bit more interesting. Most of people still involved in community donated so this is where it kicks in.

All players are welcome to participate. Older 1v1 veterans are encouraged to flex some muscles and get in. We hope United States of America U.S. & Canada Canada players would consider participating as well.

Stream: NoProblemTV // Russia102 (if you are interested in streaming, please contact with admins in IRC)
Links: 1st Qualifier Sign-up, 2nd Qualifier Sign-up // mIRC#masterscup, poster, poster 2.