In something of a Blues Brothers moment the band is back together. There will be at least one more CPMA release with further bug releases likely. Please post any CPMA bugs here and we will look in to it. Major features are unlikely to be added so no feature requests unless it's small.

The CPM gameplay is mature but can be tweaked if the community wants it to be. Let me stress the community wanting it part, nothing is going to be pushed on you and a large majority of the community would need to want something to change for it to change. If the community wants something tested we can add a CPM dev gameplay to 1.49 which will let you test any changes. It will still contain the current CPM gameplay as well. If you'd like us to look at or discuss any gameplay issues please post here.

I'm not sure what's going on with, I have no idea who owns it so we'll use this thread for the moment. A forum may be sorted at some point.