Only took 6 years...

I noticed a few days ago I was at 999, and decided to save this one for something special, so here it is:

I'm going to start working on a new mod for Q3 (and Q0 if it supports them and isn't too much of a hassle).

CPMA will remain the official implementation of Challenge ProMode and the "competition-class" mod for Q3, but it's become a pain to maintain for too many reasons: it supports TEN gametypes, four different sets of gameplay rules, multiarena maps, multiview, and about a billion other things.
It's just too big a system, and too important to the Q3 community, for me to be able mess around in whenever I get the urge; and the tardwhine whenever ANYTHING changes in it is beyond ridiculous, even if it's something as meaningless as the color scheme of the menus, or as massively BENEFICIAL as the SuperHUD.

In short, it's become an albatross.

So I'll be using the new mod to get back to the Good Old Days of CPMA, when I was still free to improve the core Q3 technology and experiment with new gametypes on a whim, as quick standalone projects rather than things that have to be integrated into a monolithic system.

They won't have CPMA's AI, or multiview, or anything that complex (at least, not for a long time), though they will have CPMA's bugfixes, netcode, SuperHUD, skins, etc, simply because anything that doesn't is going to be unplayably crap by comparison.
I doubt any of them will ever have more than half a dozen servers. That's fine by me. :)

I won't be abandoning CPMA, which I'm sure will make the trolls sad :P, but I'm essentially going to "freeze" it and shift my focus elsewhere. (This doesn't affect bugfixes, or low-impact changes like qrealka's CQ3 tweaking etc).

It'll be nice to get back to a more casual style of development, where design and features can evolve at their own pace rather than having to wait 6 months for the next CPMA release; and without every single thing being bogged down by legacy support, and legacy attitudes.

Depending on how much free time I have, the first version will probably appear sometime in the Spring. It should be fun. :)