Notes taken from stream with timestamps:

(01:42) It's unlikely that it will release 2019, more likely that it will be late in the first quarter of 2020 together with some marketing opportunities
(03:44) There will be an update in December, earlier in the month.
(03:53) James plays 2 music tracks to get opinions from chat
(10:15) James shows how wo_prb_04_wip is looking
(11:29) BubkeZ who created de_mirage for Counter-Strike 1.6 has been working on an Arena map (Arena is 1v1 CA)
(13:34) cityy who worked on Quake Live maps like Cure and Ragnarok has been working on a duel map
(16:46) There are different animations for different Dodge directions
(17:02) The default HUD has changed and on the bottom left there will be an avatar of your eggbot with your decals so that you can see them
(18:50) Bots that have a behavior to move towards you are shown which are being worked on for tutorials/training modes to have something to shoot at
(21:29) duel_pr_07 is shown
(22:21) Lift jumps are shown (similar to lift jumps from Unreal Tournament)
(24:40) In the Custom game there are multiple physics options including some that emulate other games' physics or parts
(25:19) The Play menu's organization has changed a bit
(28:30) A person that was going to work on the trailer will not be able to so a different solution will be found
(30:08) In Quick Play and Ranked there's a Warmup button, which you can click to jump around and play with all weapons while waiting for the queue (initially it was planned that you would play be able to play in Quick Play modes but players leaving all the time could significantly disrupt the match)
(31:26) The tutorial will be multiplayer
(40:21) Working on a cylindrical bot for a test to see if they would be better when fighting (some people think it's too easy to hit eggbots, others that it's harder relative to Quake Live), if they are better then the cylinder bots might be used for the esports modes, if not then they might be available in Custom Game and in future game modes
(46:51) James describes the shield bash when you pull out the melee weapon
(48:29) James goes through the map lists in the Custom Game
(58:39) James shows and talks over a video of a duel played on LAN between gaiia and Danskq at TimConLAN (without game sounds) and describes the duel timer and Golden Frag mechanic