-2GD was asked to reduce the queue time.
-He made pickups.

Question: how do pickups reduce waiting times?

Only by setting a wider rating range. But games of this type are complete shit.

By the way, the tournament system won 2 votes. One is in my VK group (86%), the other is on reddit (52%), and this is despite the fact that SMM was cheated on reddit. with dislikes and likes.

And if you read the comments, it becomes obvious that those who voted against simply did not understand the essence of the tournament system. Thus, I read all the comments and came to the conclusion that the tournament system won 100% of the votes.

By the way, 2gd promised a tournament system and made pickups. He just lied to us.

- pickups are almost useless
- 2gd lied to us
- tournament system won 100% of votes

https://steamcharts.com/app/282440 + 8% to QL online in november. This is the price of dumbness