Many people ask to fix the damage of weapons, different speeds, time limits, number of teammates, sound radius, number of ammo. enter crouchslide. amount of health, adjust armor ratios and values. the frequency of armor spawn. The most popular thing I've heard is to strengthen the rocket and rail.

There are quite a few such messages on reddit. I AM SURE EVERYONE WOULD CHANGE SOMETHING OF THIS TO ITS DESIRE. That is exactly YOU are reading this and YOU would change something.

But personally 2gd will not introduce mutators into the custom game(shitty pickups). Even if we assume that it happens. You still won't be able to play enough with such mutators, because there is no tournament system and no one will know about your desire to play. you cannot gather people for such a game. you won't be able to stream it.

Do you know how much time it takes to implement mutators and a tournament system? 1 week maximum and 1 person.

Instead, a bunch of unnecessary reddit posts. fix this or that. here and there.

The word RATIONALITY is unknown to him.