I didn't do the sixth part of "db i dead" for this, although it's very important.

Here are my estimates of the maps for the 1v1 map pool.

SkyBreak - 8 Bioplant - 4 Kasbah - 5 Monilith - 3 Overgrowth - 3 Amberfall - 4 Raya - 6

Instead of Monolith and Overgrowth, you need to put the Scrubber (7-8) and Fusion Falls (7) maps. The Perilous map should be resized to a smaller size and returned to 1x1 instead of Amberfall.

My fix for the dueling version of Perilous (free exclusive). The old version is suitable for other game modes.
Perilous FIX picture

2GD wrote

The tentative list was done by pro gamer votes. So if anyone is unhappy we would like to shift the blame to Phaze. Phaze was the only pro gamer who turned up to vote. though quite odd since he doesn't compete in duel. Thank you for your time.

Fatal error. It is 2gd's fault that he made this incident.

See also my fix for the Raya map.

Write here what you think about my fixes for 1x1 gamemode.