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Can we finally accept that listening to organisers who wanted to reduce costs, and the money hungry egos of a few top players all demanding duel was the way forward, COMPLETELY and UTTERLY KILLED the game?!

LoL has shown the world that team games are where it's at, but hey we didn't even need that. The intelligent few among us have been saying for maybe a decade or more that focusing on duel was a mistake.

Nobody plays duel. It kills the community. No community means no players. No players means no audience. No audience means no sponsors. No sponsors means no money. No money means no events. No events means no interest. No interest means no further development.

Sure we all enjoy the show-piece of duel. Two of the best players fighting it out so we can name a BEST INDIVIDUAL PLAYER. But in reality it’s just like the ballon d'or in football. It's vanity.

So Fatal1ty got rich. Good for him. But Quake is dead.

Having a shitty stream every weekend showcasing the same 20 players will not build a game. It will KILL IT. We all mocked painkiller because nobody wanted to play it. But did anybody really think why? Was it really because it was a buggy game? No. It was because it was all focused on duel. 90% of people do not want to play duel.

Most people have an ability to be social. Most want to play with friends. Most don't want the insane pressure of everything being down to them.

Think of every arena shooter that has been made off the back of Quake. They all focus on duel and they all FAIL. Reflex will fail too.

Please all you duel supporters WAKE UP that YOU have killed quake. The major mistake id made was to listen to the community and focus on duel. Quake SHOULD BE A TEAM FOCUSED GAME. Just like LoL or CSGO are that are now killing it once a broader audience has access to watch.

I hate every one of you duel only supporters that killed my game.

Duel should actually be removed completely and the development team for the next quake should focus around a single team mode. Something with an objective that sets a focus on the viewpoint.