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I play and watch QW, but I also like watching Q3, maybe even some Q4/QL now and then. I also like playing Arma, and similar but smaller scale games (BFs, CoDs, R6, GR, etc) CNC series and clones, Supcom:FA, LFS, TDU, holdem (UB)... GTA series.... L4D recently and TF2 (Put teleport here!) and SC2 (Platinoob toss/terran)

Quakeworld Live Commentary - commentary by me done during the actual game, giving a train-of-thought dump of what I am trying to do as the game happens. Aimed to demystify deathmatch quake to beginners.

Slipgate series of shows, focusing on the quakeworld scene, but hoping to include stuff about all the quakes, if I can get some guests from other quakes on the show!

More links: <-- try quake (ez install)

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Re: Thunderdome 6 WB: Even titanier!
Posted @ 17:47 GMT 27 May 2016
Saw this live from Rikoll stream, really nice play, and really impressed from NP
Re: Can we finally accept why Quake fail
Posted @ 17:38 GMT 1 Apr 2016
I still think hoonymode (like tennis as others pointed out above) has a chance,
Re: QW: Rikoll vs Locust
Posted @ 17:00 GMT 10 Dec 2014
All in on Rikoll MAKE ME PROUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
Re: Top level QW 1v1 explained
Posted @ 15:05 GMT 25 Feb 2014
Really cool stuff. This sort of youtube series was in the back of my mind year
Re: Duelmania 3 Final: Locktar - Locust
Posted @ 19:43 GMT 27 Dec 2013
I did a post-mortem review
Re: The Viper Squad -vs- Suddendeath
Posted @ 14:05 GMT 4 Dec 2013
Glad you liked it! A little background about the casters: Andeh is a core
Re: European Quake League 17 Final
Posted @ 18:58 GMT 3 Dec 2013
My VODs are also here:
Re: The Viper Squad -vs- Suddendeath
Posted @ 18:52 GMT 3 Dec 2013
My VODs available here also: If you'
Re: A different training method
Posted @ 01:46 GMT 8 Jun 2013
This is a great method. Its similar to the fraglimit 1 training I like to do wi
Re: Moving again, opinions?
Posted @ 14:58 GMT 21 May 2013
Whatever you do, make sure the internet doesn't suck
QW Live Commentary - May 21
Posted @ 13:44 GMT 21 May 2013
Vs Turbo from UK - DM6 and Aerowalk [youtube=
Re: QW Live Commentary - May 16
Posted @ 15:01 GMT 17 May 2013
I do use nquake :p nquake comes with more than 1 hud and graphical settings,
Re: QW Live Commentary - May 16
Posted @ 01:16 GMT 17 May 2013
I'm generally at work when its evenings in EU, which is generally when these fin
QW Live Commentary - May 16
Posted @ 19:22 GMT 16 May 2013
A DM4 vs kuzash [youtube=] A co
Quakeworld Ladder
Posted @ 15:19 GMT 10 May 2013
Inspired by the ease-of-play offered by games like Starcraft II and Quake Live,
Re: Thunderdome 3 Div0 Grand Final
Posted @ 13:00 GMT 7 May 2013
Uploading VODs here:
Thunderdome 3 Div0 Grand Final
Posted @ 17:00 GMT 6 May 2013
The winner of the highest division of the latest installment of the [url=http://
Re: ddk 'Grilled' for 68 minutes
Posted @ 20:22 GMT 1 May 2013
Re: QW Live Commentary - April 19th
Posted @ 14:58 GMT 29 Apr 2013
Oh yeah, I totally derped there. Yes, there's a Russian b1aze and he's quite
Re: QW Live Commentary - April 19th
Posted @ 14:04 GMT 25 Apr 2013
The swedish b1aze? Not sure if he still plays even, but if he is up for it, sur
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