Hello everyone at ESR. I'm the lead artist for Project Nex. We've been working on an arena style fps that will bring something new to the table.

I can't delve into a ton of stuff yet, but I can try to explain the movement and our plan for the game. Before that, here is our movement demo.


As you can see from our movement system, we are going with the approach of using dodge mechanics rather than strafe jumping. We plan on having the ability to combo dodges which will decrease cooldown and increase the horizontal distance. In a way its a similar idea. We still have two movement mechanics we are going to try to spice things up a bit. Lets just say they are parkour influenced.

For our weapon design we want the complexity of UT weapons with the balance of Quake. That is to say its better for competitive play but doesn't take away from the more casual players. Weapon switches are fast, you can shoot before animations are completed so that it does not hinder or slow things down.

Our multiplayer is planned to have a full ranked matchmaking system with solid netcode. Our client will also have great social features so you can play with friends and easily make friends. With the right funding we plan on having esports support. So that means a replay system and a kickass observer GUI. The more funding for this the better. We want to make this happen.

What about our health system? We actually are doing something completely new for this sub genre of FPS (to my knowledge). Once we are at the next step in our campaign I can reveal it. I can say it will be much more tactile than the standard bread and butter. This isn't going to be a game that is a visual update of another game.

Project Nex will be extremely competitive but also casual friendly. To do this we don't have to make any sacrifices. There will be maps that are designed to be competitive and some that are more for fun. 1v1's will be mostly competitive, team games will have more of a mix. Maybe a map veto system like SC2 can be implemented..not sure.

We will also have a single player campaign that is an actual campaign and not just shooting bots on arena maps. Project Nex will have a deep meaningful single player campaign. (we are balancing the game for multiplayer)

That's all for now. We'd love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you might have. As a quick note on me. I've played UT off and on since 2002 and played/commentated Quake Live for some time. Thank you for your time. :D

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