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Re: Quake Pro League
Posted @ 22:30 GMT 29 Jun 2019
Its nice to see new blood in the pro league, but really seems rigged for Coming
Re: all quake players are retarded
Posted @ 22:55 GMT 8 Dec 2017
The mentality is the minority. There will always be more casuals than the ded
Re: Is Fatal1ty a retard? Oh yes he is
Posted @ 20:08 GMT 29 Nov 2017
Re: The greatest frag movies of all time
Posted @ 23:26 GMT 24 Nov 2017
Re: Do you want Clan Arena in Quake Cham
Posted @ 23:02 GMT 24 Nov 2017
Do what overwatch does and pool most of the players into quickplay(1 game mode)
Re: QuakeCon 2017
Posted @ 11:17 GMT 24 Aug 2017
I want betting fixtures :D I always miss this shit
Re: My impressions of Cake Champs.
Posted @ 11:06 GMT 24 Aug 2017
lg/mg - feels pretty good Rail - doesnt make sense, my guess its server side an
Re: Dont Boycott Quakecon 2017: Update
Posted @ 19:18 GMT 22 Aug 2017
Canadian ip, says "y'all", thinking face
Re: this is apparently impressive?
Posted @ 05:34 GMT 15 Oct 2016
Seems fine to me I think. That gun is similar to plasma gun where you lead s
Re: Dangers of AI TED talk.
Posted @ 18:36 GMT 5 Oct 2016
Limit its storage capacity and retention. A rogue AI's plan to take over the wor
Re: What 4 game modes do you want in QC?
Posted @ 02:08 GMT 9 Aug 2016
"They made a better version" No, valve has had a bumpy ride. Not the best ana
Re: What 4 game modes do you want in QC?
Posted @ 01:41 GMT 9 Aug 2016
Curious what they'll do, the trick is to get people playing often at all levels
Re: quakelive meta
Posted @ 23:31 GMT 5 Aug 2016
I haven't dueled for a long time and recently watched some ztn, and I feel that
Re: Overwatch hitbox
Posted @ 23:45 GMT 7 Jun 2016
They also used widowmaker as their example which is a super slim model, most oth
Re: An exposition on why Quake 'failed'
Posted @ 22:41 GMT 1 Jun 2016
People like to shoot rockets and guns, so it's a matter of finding a way to keep
Re: What's worst, CA or OW ?
Posted @ 21:52 GMT 1 Jun 2016
Doom is fine, if it was bad it would be talked about more :) Also expected mo
Re: So today Rapha was playing Overwatch
Posted @ 18:50 GMT 29 May 2016
o shit here come dat boi I'm close to your age and I don't mind. Twitch-chat
Re: Overwatch Alienware Cup
Posted @ 06:17 GMT 26 May 2016
For the popular twitch streamer demographic, yeah hes not bad
Re: So i went over to the dark side....
Posted @ 14:03 GMT 13 May 2016
tbh you won't get a one-to-one with anything in ql(except maybe pharah the rocke
Re: So i went over to the dark side....
Posted @ 12:11 GMT 13 May 2016
yeah also got to around level 25? with just the open beta, but I only played bra
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