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If you own an RTX: get Quake 2 RTX free and easy on steam (2 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 16:20 CDT, 9 May 2020 - iMsg
Just stumbled over this, 'Quake 2 RTX' with the RTX lighting is free on steam.
Meaning you can be a lazy cunt like me and install with just 2 clicks.
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Overwatch Config editing (23 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 12:06 CDT, 25 September 2016 - iMsg
I have so many questions...

is it possible to have binds? advanced binds, like fov/sens switches??

what are the *secret* ;> best visibility settings?

which character allows the most QL movement?

pls respond.
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QL working? (6 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 11:48 CDT, 10 August 2016 - iMsg
Is Quake Live working for you ?

*problem solved*
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You should avoid rubber-coated periphals (10 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 08:43 CDT, 4 August 2016 - iMsg
There are many periphals, mostly mice, coming with smooth, grippy rubber coating.

I have to admit, it feels really nice. Smooth tactile feel, a little more grip than say rough plastic, looks nice as well.

But there is a horrible downside.
The rubber coating will turn to gluey, sticky mush over the timespan of some years. In its final state, it will become very similar to the material used as the adhesive under stickers.
It sticks in an ugly, not-helpful way (makes the mousing experience worse), it smells horrible and will make the device coated look disgusting.

For some products, it will take 3 to 4 years, if you are lucky, 6 or more years, with some after only a year or two. But it will eventually happen to anything with rubber coating.

I researched this for the past few days, the solutions proposed by people was to sand down the goo, use heavy sollutants, both methods will attack the plastic and make it look ugly as hell. Final proposal was to use OIL. I tried it, used cooking oil and let it soak in, then scraped the rubber residue off with cloth. It is possible, but the end result will not look nice and take forever

My 2 Razer Salmosa, one used, one BRAND NEW package sealed are both decayed.
Some 3rd party ps3 Gamepad was so bad it even *infected* other stuff it came in contact with, that shit is so hard to get off it's insane.

So moral of the story, if you are smart never buy rubber coated stuff, it has build-in decay.

By the way I contacted Razer about the Salmosa, the answered with a generic text that I should clean the mouse. Well thanks, really helpful, Razer.
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Facts to the base discussion (48 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 08:15 CDT, 23 July 2016 - iMsg
I feel the need to collect FACTS on the whole base VAC ban issue.

I'm curious to know what is fact and proven, what is speculation and what is purely made up.

So first, there is this topic

It links base's banned account

From there I followed the "information" link on VAC. It states
What is VAC?
If a user connects to a VAC-Secured server from a computer with identifiable cheats installed, the VAC system will ban the user from playing that game on VAC-Secured servers in the future.
So I skipped through the list of valve anti-cheat enabled games. Quake Live is not on that list. Which can only mean two things: 1. the ban was NOT related to Quake Live, or 2. there is still another cheat detection for quake live running, which will identify as VAC, but not use VAC directly (or related to that, the ban was manual, but flagged as VAC afterwards).

Does anyone have detail knowledge on VAC, Quake Live anti cheat and can enlighten us?

Afterwards I read through the comments, where it was stated base said his account could have been ("was") hacked. Other comments said that would not be possible of today, to which again others answered, there are literally thousands of account overtakes a year and so it IS very possible.

-VAC ban
-At least one of base's Steam account games was tempered with in some malicious way (by whomever)

-Ban for Quake Live cheat
-Steam accounts cannot be hacked

What can you add to the list of facts?

(I will update the initial post with any new information)
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If you need a GraKa with 2 DVI ports (20 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 08:01 CDT, 10 May 2015 - iMsg
..don't compromise.
I did. It went very wrong.

I own two fine Samsung 2233rz monitors and I use them as dual monitors. The 2233rz has the port standard of his time, DVI. For 120 Hz, dual link output is needed.

I got a new PC with graphics card HIS Radeon R9 280.
Ports available: 1xDVI dual, 1x HDMI (1.4a), 2x mini DisplayPort.

Now, DVI-D or DVI-I in dual link pinning will always give you 120Hz for at least 1080p and lower resolutions. Good old trusty DVI.

HDMI is basically useless. There is no way I know of to get even low resolutions at 120 Hz... can't even overrule the predefined resolution/refresh settings....60 Hz is max.

DisplayPort _should_ theoretically have been fine, but it isn't. Because to convert DVI to DisplayPort, an "active" adapter is needed, which is horribly expensive (80-100 eur). Such bullshit, why not think of this converting issue from the start.

So anyways, I made this thread to 1. warn you about HDMI and displayport, which are pure shit if you want compatibility,
and 2. ask if anyone maybe has found a solution or workaround for this?

Edit: I found a non-expensive active mDP to dual-link DVI adapter:
"Delock Adapter mini Displayport 1.2 DVI 4K Aktiv"
I emailed the manufacturer to ask if 120hz is possible, I'll update if I get an answer

Edit: Pretty late answer lol, because the manufacturers never replied to my inqiry, but in the meantime I bought the adapter and it works with 120hz. (but slightly buggy with sleep mode)
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Salmosa coating disintegrates (6 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 09:49 CDT, 27 April 2015 - iMsg
So as I took my 5 year old Salmosa out of hibernation, there was a surprise waiting: the nice rubber coating had disintegrated into a sticky mess of goo, the consistency of sticker residue.

I can't use that mouse like that and I have no idea on how to remove the coating like that, it sticks horribly.

That was a huge diappointment, I had only good experiences with the salmosa so far... back to non rubber coated mice I guess
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Qlranks? (34 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 18:07 CST, 10 February 2013 - iMsg
Look at cyphers profile. He won two times the last month vs. players around 1600 ELO (himself around 2100) ELO. He lost -30 points in both those games.

The algorithm (or the way games are listed idk) needs some fixing.
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Why the 2233rz is so great (101 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 09:56 CST, 26 February 2012 - iMsg
Just wanted to tell you first hand why I think it is the perfect gaming monitor up until now.

- matt finished screen
there is nothing to argue as to why a high gloss surface would be better - it just isn't, glossy screens suck dick. 2233rz got a matte screen, perfect.

- picture ratio 16:10
I know our eyes have a flattened vision, but that's not all to it. we also can focus only on a small spot, rendering the theory of 'wider is better' useless. you want to edit a document, browse and so on. this is where ultra-wide screen ratios suck, so 16:10 is the last healty compromise next to good ol' 4:3 imo

- it just works
You don't have to get a degree in 'monitoring' to set the 2233rz up, it just works well out of the box.

- samsung know what they are doing
I hope so at least... they don't fuck with their customers like many other companies do in my experience. they deliver quality at a high success rate, seldom are their products defective. I like samsung.

- 'ghosting' is only there if you look for it hard
2233rz delivers near CRT performance even for the picky players. only if you start to obsess about monitor performance will you experience slight ghosting which most pro players wouldn't spot. so yay for gaming grade performance, fuck those extreme nitpickers for their misleading reviews

- it is affordable
now all those tech laymen sell a good 2233rz for few monies because they don't play a fast fps. best time to get one cheap
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Gamespot (12 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 23:41 CST, 13 December 2011 - iMsg
I just realized, Gamespot is out to bring down Nintendo. Look at the latest wii and 3ds games and then look at the gamespot scores. they are all so far below user votes or average critics votes it's absurd

Big N did a good job not bribing those whores, they don't deserve any money.
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Need decent android apps (62 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 10:47 CST, 12 November 2011 - iMsg
I got and android phone but as a total newb on this I don't even know what I can do with it and what's good apps, ways of entertainment, helpful stuff, etc.

Any recommendations?
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Enotus MouseTest decompressed (7 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 09:18 CDT, 2 June 2011 - iMsg
Since many people seem to think Enotus MouseTest contains a *EDITED OUT*, which it does not, I executed the self-extracting exe file, then put the resulting files into a zip so everyone can enjoy this nice program without any *EDITED OUT* paranoia.

Here is the link:
Enotus MouseTest

Have fun!

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Cooller use item sounds (61 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 16:50 CST, 22 January 2011 - iMsg
Some of you might have notice Cooller's new tick of scrolling the mouse wheel with use item binded.

I'm pretty sure he does this to cover up crucial in-game sounds. Can anyone confirm if/how this works?

On a side note, binding +movedown to wheel is hilarious, looks like the player model is having a seizure. Mean mousewheel cheats, awwww yeah!
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Salmosa replacement feet (16 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 17:49 CST, 21 November 2010 - iMsg
Well there are none.

Can someone confirm or deny: do Salmosa and Abyssus have the same feet???
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cm/360 (61 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 17:42 CDT, 22 June 2010 - iMsg
What are teh best using? Preferably those without accel

This what I know

Avek 30 + WIN accel
Stermy ~23
Toxic ~23
Dem0n 10
Strenx 50
Spartie ~21
Dahang ~22
Python ~12
VoO 34
Chance 33

cm/360 + 'real accel' J
Madix: I=16.8 cm/360, J=0.52
Rapha: I=25.3 cm/360, J=0.25
Cypher: I=26.1 cm/360, J=0.06
Linkje: I=27.5 cm/360, J=0.056
Fox: I=28.2 cm/360, J=0.057
Avek: I=34.6 cm/360, J=>0.192 (+windows accel?!)
Fazz: I=37 cm/360, J=0.28
Noctis: I=38.1 cm/360, J=0.15 (senscap at I=22cm/360)
Cooller: I=46.8 cm/360, J=0.11
Zamuz: I=57.7 cm/360, J=0.14
Lexer: I=63.5 cm/360, J=0.89

(real accel is explained here
(it is tricky for those wmo/imo/3.0 users as it turns out the dpi differs from 400 and 450 dpi with those mice, see so I just calculated with 450 dpi assuming most players will have the newer model)

Corrections are welcome.
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nature is sick (86 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 07:31 CDT, 11 June 2010 - iMsg
Megan Fox is just a shallow nothing of a humian being in a perfect body....yet when I look at her picture she is the smartest, bestest greatest person on earth. Nature is fucking sick.
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Dantes Inferno for PSP (1 comment)
Posted by crea* @ 16:20 CST, 5 March 2010 - iMsg
is ok
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Doom 64 for PC (99 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 11:28 CST, 24 February 2010 - iMsg
There's a PC version of the Nintendo 64 game and it owns hard!

For free too, search words for google: "doom 64 pc"

Oh but you have to disable the mouse filter to make it playable with mouse, and I would also set sound to 16 bit.

It's a shame this game has no multiplayer that would have been the best.
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Razer Salmosa fix (14 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 07:48 CST, 4 November 2009 - iMsg
I got a Salmosa and I love it! One thing bothered me though, on some surfaces the lift-off distance is pretty high, like half a cm. Not on all sufaces, but on most of my cloth pads I wanna use atm (mostly dark cloth pads are affected by this, bright pads or shinier surfaces seem fine).

But I found a fix! I taped over a part of the prism (the translucent plastic piece next to the mouse sensor that refracts the LED light on the mousing surface, in this case invisible infrared light) with the sticky part of a post-it note I cut into shape. You can see a picture in the comments. This way the light is dimmed, by that reducing the lift-off distance. But the light is still enough so there are no side effects like skipping or bad tracking. I confirmed this by using the "Enotus MouseTest" and by playing QL with a very low sensitivity (I tried 50 cm/360).

One thing I discovered is the Salmosa is skippable on a Steelpad Qck on very low sensitivities. With other pads I tried it was fine (Qpad CT, Allsop, Ultron UMP-100->great pad by the way, func, Razer pro solution, icemat, generic cloth pad). But if you use under 30 cm/360 you probably won't even notice.

You can even set the lift-off distance exactly to your liking by varying the surface you tape over, I got ~1mm lift-off at first which was incredible but a bit weird to play with, so now I settled for ~2mm on raindrop/Qck.

On a side note, if you want to measure the lift-off distance, use stacks of CD's/DVD's. One has roughly the height of 1,25mm, so you can estimate the lift-off distance if the mouse stops tracking.
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QL 'unlagged' netcode (48 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 09:35 CDT, 15 October 2009 - iMsg
As not many people seem to know about this, here is an old FAQ about the unlagged netcode and the trade-off that results.
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A4Tech X-718BK mouse (26 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 08:59 CDT, 14 October 2009 - iMsg
This mouse is sold for around 20 at the moment, so I got one and give you a review.

Good and bad points in order of importance:

-high max. speed at lower resolutions (around 3 m/s)
-good shape
-good thumb buttons, 7 buttons total
-software to save complex macros to the internal memory (no drivers needed)
-dpi configurable, and changeable by button on the fly
-build-in 1000 hz USB polling (adjustable: 125, 250, 500, 1000)
-not too heavy (you can also remove a weight inside to make it 90 grams; picture in comments)
-price (20)
-comes with 2 sets of replacemet feet

-high lift-off distance depending on surface (it is fixable, I explained in the comments)
-smells really bad out of package-> gone after 3 days of ventilation
-trojan TR/Dropper.GEN on driver cd (bummer man!)
-Mouse test program ("Mice Judge") is not XP certified, results are dubious
-pointer prediction

Technically the mouse is really sweet (btw. I am not affiliated with A4tech). It's software lets you build your own setup and macros and store it into the internal memory of the mouse. That way you will not need drivers, the mouse works nicely with XP default drivers.
The shape is good for me, while maybe not perfect, a little wide at the back ;). A good trade-off between not ambidextrous but not too weird either.

At 400 dpi the max. speed goes up to ~3 m/sec and higher, but because the "Enotus Mousetest" I tested it with is a little flawed right now I can't tell acurate numbers, the direction is clear, you can't skip this mouse at 400 dpi. At higher dpi the max. speed is still over 2 m/sec wich is enough for most gaming setups.

The max. dpi is just ridiculous, noone needs 3200 DPI, but it comes for free so I don't mind. You can chose different dpi settings (6 in total) in steps of 1 dpi (even different ones for X/Y axis) by software, upload the setup to the mouse and then activate them on the fly by pressing the dedicated button. The mouse had problems with some settings I tried (like leaving out dpi settings or mixing them up), but generally it worked fine, looks like a minor bug.

It comes with replacement mouse feet, 2 sets, that's a great idea. I hope every mouse company will do this in the future.

Now to the bad sides...the disgusting :) I think I will ventilate it for a few days before I even really start using it, it's that bad. *After 3 days the smell was gone so I could use it.

It seems like the lift-off distance varies with the brightness of the surface. On dark surfaces (cloth mat in blue or black) it is rather high. Nothing you can't get used to since it does not result in unwanted movement, but not perfect. On really bright pads it is good.
You can fix the lift-off, I explained in the comments.

The trojan on the driver CD is just weak. I mean, WTF? This looks like sabotage, or they didn't even take the time to scan the data once before mass replicating it....dunno. But Antivir warned me nicely, so I copied all but the infected file to HDD, started the installation routine from there and it worked fine.

Mouse prediction/correction - while some find it bad and it hinders their aim, others don't mind/care or even like the feeling. It's a matter of preference. If you are unsure you could try the older MS mice models for comparison, those don't have it.

*I had to edit my conclusion once more after using the mouse on and off for a few month.
Here is my conclusion: It's a good mouse considering the price and the fact it uses trusty optical led illumination technology over bug ridden laser-optical technology.
The software works well, but there isn't much use to the advanced options either. Makros are a nice gimmick but that's all they are, a gimmick

Personally I got fed up with the shape, simply put it is bad for anything else then palm gripping style, which I don't use.
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Allsop Raindrop (86 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 10:37 CDT, 4 October 2009 - iMsg
I finally got a genuine Allsop Raindrop pad and I must say I did not expect what I got.

The Allsop surface feels almost as smooth as the most slippery pads out there! Even with default Microsoft plastic gliders the Allsop is smoothness heaven. The sticking friction is a lot lower then most cloth pads, which is nice and makes it very precise with small mouse movements.

On the other hand if you like friction (ohhh yeah!) this might not be the right mousepad for you. Most friction give those cheap cloth pads for ~1$, followed by some of those oversize mousemats.

Friction is especially good for mouseaccel users, as it gives the ability to do the fastest motions and still stop the mouse very accurately. But it is something you don't really want to have when using a high sensitivity (especially not sticking friction), as it makes precise aiming harder.
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Razer Homepage distributes Virus (1 comment)
Posted by crea* @ 18:21 CDT, 20 September 2009 - iMsg
So, I recently purchased a Diamondback 3G and am forced to install their drivers, because the mouse is ridiculously fast with XP default drivers.

I downloaded the drivers from and Antivir notifies me there is a virus in the .zip
Quick google search shows they are indeed distibuting virii.
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What QL needs to be great (113 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 12:37 CDT, 3 August 2009 - iMsg
One fundamental change: mg damage 4 per bullet.

That's it. Everything else is polishing which will be done eventually. New maps will be made, fullbright skins, bug fixing etc.

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How to set up the Spiterbot? (19 comments)
Posted by crea* @ 19:07 CST, 31 October 2006 - iMsg
I am once again completely annoyed by my lame internet connection. 3 years ago I would have ruled the internets with 1mbit adsl and 50 ping, nowadays it seems that is not even enough to be able to compete in a 4on4...

Anyways, I tried the Spiterbot again. It is still great in some aspects, and totally lame in some others I will list now:

-the bot has reaction time zero. It rails you the moment one single pixel of your hitbox shows behind a corner. that is moronic.

-it also starts to dodge projectiles from any non-instant hit weapon the exact moment you fire, hence again reaction time zero. How is that supposed to be humalike?

-sometimes it collects armor and mega as it should, but at other times, without any appearant reason it just rushes with mg or gauntlet...

-even a skill 20 bot has mg accuracy of 50 and more regardless of the players dodging. god WHY???

So, if one could change these settings, which I guess is possible because there are countless "bot_" commands, to something more humanlike, the bot could be really incredible. I just can't figure out by myself which commands do what, and they are not explained in the readme and I don't know where else to look.
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