I finally got a genuine Allsop Raindrop pad and I must say I did not expect what I got.

The Allsop surface feels almost as smooth as the most slippery pads out there! Even with default Microsoft plastic gliders the Allsop is smoothness heaven. The sticking friction is a lot lower then most cloth pads, which is nice and makes it very precise with small mouse movements.

On the other hand if you like friction (ohhh yeah!) this might not be the right mousepad for you. Most friction give those cheap cloth pads for ~1$, followed by some of those oversize mousemats.

Friction is especially good for mouseaccel users, as it gives the ability to do the fastest motions and still stop the mouse very accurately. But it is something you don't really want to have when using a high sensitivity (especially not sticking friction), as it makes precise aiming harder.