I got a Salmosa and I love it! One thing bothered me though, on some surfaces the lift-off distance is pretty high, like half a cm. Not on all sufaces, but on most of my cloth pads I wanna use atm (mostly dark cloth pads are affected by this, bright pads or shinier surfaces seem fine).

But I found a fix! I taped over a part of the prism (the translucent plastic piece next to the mouse sensor that refracts the LED light on the mousing surface, in this case invisible infrared light) with the sticky part of a post-it note I cut into shape. You can see a picture in the comments. This way the light is dimmed, by that reducing the lift-off distance. But the light is still enough so there are no side effects like skipping or bad tracking. I confirmed this by using the "Enotus MouseTest" and by playing QL with a very low sensitivity (I tried 50 cm/360).

One thing I discovered is the Salmosa is skippable on a Steelpad Qck on very low sensitivities. With other pads I tried it was fine (Qpad CT, Allsop, Ultron UMP-100->great pad by the way, func, Razer pro solution, icemat, generic cloth pad). But if you use under 30 cm/360 you probably won't even notice.

You can even set the lift-off distance exactly to your liking by varying the surface you tape over, I got ~1mm lift-off at first which was incredible but a bit weird to play with, so now I settled for ~2mm on raindrop/Qck.

On a side note, if you want to measure the lift-off distance, use stacks of CD's/DVD's. One has roughly the height of 1,25mm, so you can estimate the lift-off distance if the mouse stops tracking.