There are many periphals, mostly mice, coming with smooth, grippy rubber coating.

I have to admit, it feels really nice. Smooth tactile feel, a little more grip than say rough plastic, looks nice as well.

But there is a horrible downside.
The rubber coating will turn to gluey, sticky mush over the timespan of some years. In its final state, it will become very similar to the material used as the adhesive under stickers.
It sticks in an ugly, not-helpful way (makes the mousing experience worse), it smells horrible and will make the device coated look disgusting.

For some products, it will take 3 to 4 years, if you are lucky, 6 or more years, with some after only a year or two. But it will eventually happen to anything with rubber coating.

I researched this for the past few days, the solutions proposed by people was to sand down the goo, use heavy sollutants, both methods will attack the plastic and make it look ugly as hell. Final proposal was to use OIL. I tried it, used cooking oil and let it soak in, then scraped the rubber residue off with cloth. It is possible, but the end result will not look nice and take forever

My 2 Razer Salmosa, one used, one BRAND NEW package sealed are both decayed.
Some 3rd party ps3 Gamepad was so bad it even *infected* other stuff it came in contact with, that shit is so hard to get off it's insane.

So moral of the story, if you are smart never buy rubber coated stuff, it has build-in decay.

By the way I contacted Razer about the Salmosa, the answered with a generic text that I should clean the mouse. Well thanks, really helpful, Razer.