Since the Euro Open Cup is now well running, I had enough time to finish the preparations for yet another big tourney - no other than QUAKE 3 TDM NATIONS CUP itself. The whole thing should start within 5 weeks, although this may change if some things would take me more time than expected. In order to make this NC even better than the last time, I've decided to make a few changes:

- The number of maximum teams per country is now restricted to ONE
- The number of maximum players per team is now restricted to 7 + 1 (team captain)
- I have now granted access to logs for almost all of the European servers, therefore I will check the logs after each game in order to prevent smurfing (fake nicking)
- I will no longer tolerate game rescheduling because of absence. Each team gets one "Wild card" that can be used for this purpose, but only once in the whole tourney.

edit: Bringing back the last year's Nations Cup atmosphere

edit2: More info about Nations Cup

edit3: When should the Quake Nations Cup start?

Check #quakequickcup for more info