Please note: A few things that you should keep in mind

Registrations are still open: signed nations

- as you might know, the admin work is a time consuming thing; please, follow the schedule and rules to help me run the tourney smoothly

-the captains are obliged to send me the screenshots right after the match is over (I had to take the screenshots -all of them- by myself last year and I won't do it again)

-demos will be available on the web site

-use the same country tag and nickname for the whole tourney (no mood colored tags; no pet names)

-be present on the IRC channel #quakequickcup for better communication

-once the match has been scheduled (when both teams agreed on a certain date), it cannot be postponed due to absence (unless you use your Wild card) - remember you can have up to four substitutes in your team; excuses won't work

-please check your team details and send me the missing information evetually

-this tourney is sponsored by