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Coverage: QNC'08
QUAKE 3 TDM NATIONSCUP 2009 (69 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 12:46 CST, 17 November 2008 - iMsg
This will be the main page about the NC on esr, and will contain further info about matches and tourney progress in time.

Releated Links NationsCup 2009, ASUS - Sponsor QNC 2009
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Euro Open Cup - ASUS (2 comments)
Posted by Hawr1x @ 10:06 CST, 15 November 2008 - iMsg
The Euro Open Cup found a sponsor in the name of ASUS. They will provide us with the following products:

The 16th of November is the possible last date for registration. You can register to the tourney by contacting "czechquake[at]" with the names of all players in your team. You can already see the teams signed up on

The groups will be published on Monday, 17th November. And all the results from Quake 4 / Quake Live groups and info about their current state will be presented tomorrow with full list of signed teams in Quake Live TDM Competitions.

Quake 4 Groups :: Quake Live Groups
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Further information about Nations Cup (13 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 19:36 CST, 5 November 2008 - iMsg
Please note: A few things that you should keep in mind

Registrations are still open: signed nations

- as you might know, the admin work is a time consuming thing; please, follow the schedule and rules to help me run the tourney smoothly

-the captains are obliged to send me the screenshots right after the match is over (I had to take the screenshots -all of them- by myself last year and I won't do it again)

-demos will be available on the web site

-use the same country tag and nickname for the whole tourney (no mood colored tags; no pet names)

-be present on the IRC channel #quakequickcup for better communication

-once the match has been scheduled (when both teams agreed on a certain date), it cannot be postponed due to absence (unless you use your Wild card) - remember you can have up to four substitutes in your team; excuses won't work

-please check your team details and send me the missing information evetually

-this tourney is sponsored by
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QUAKE 3 TDM - NATIONS CUP (179 comments)
Posted by Legie @ 12:15 CDT, 30 October 2008 - iMsg
Since the Euro Open Cup is now well running, I had enough time to finish the preparations for yet another big tourney - no other than QUAKE 3 TDM NATIONS CUP itself. The whole thing should start within 5 weeks, although this may change if some things would take me more time than expected. In order to make this NC even better than the last time, I've decided to make a few changes:

- The number of maximum teams per country is now restricted to ONE
- The number of maximum players per team is now restricted to 7 + 1 (team captain)
- I have now granted access to logs for almost all of the European servers, therefore I will check the logs after each game in order to prevent smurfing (fake nicking)
- I will no longer tolerate game rescheduling because of absence. Each team gets one "Wild card" that can be used for this purpose, but only once in the whole tourney.

edit: Bringing back the last year's Nations Cup atmosphere

edit2: More info about Nations Cup

edit3: When should the Quake Nations Cup start?

Check #quakequickcup for more info
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Posted by Legie @ 05:43 CDT, 25 June 2008 - iMsg
On January 21 crew started Nations Cup for all series of Quake. The idea was perfect, but realization wasn't. Before the tournament started, we faced our first problem which was "Who will actually admin the tournament?". The problem was solved pretty quickly (thanks to the activity of Czech admins) and for each quake serie we picked admins as follows:

QuakeWorld was admined by famous Czech player and admin Czech Republic Johnny_cz, who flawlessly took care of QuakeWorld.
Quake 2 was held by server and Nations DeathMatch League and this was admined by Slovak player Slovakia wision.
Quake 3 admined by me (Czech Republic Legie) since noone wanted to admin 24 teams and I had lot of free time, I took the position of the head admin.
Quake 4 was Czech Republic Hawr1x's job even thought that in the end he didn't have too much work with it.

Tournament started in late January and ended yesterday 23.6.2008. Here are the final standings:


1. Finland Finland
2. Netherlands Netherlands
3. Sweden Sweden

Quake 2:

1. Finland Finland
2. Sweden Sweden
3. Poland Poland

Quake 3:
1. Sweden Sweden
2. Poland Poland
3. Czech Republic Czech republic

Quake 4:

Quake 4 Nations Cup was cancelled due to inactivity of all players. The only team which was willing to play was team Sweden Sweden and we really appreciate their activity.

I would like to thank to all admins of this tournament who helped to realize the idea of battle between European countries. Next, I'd like to thank Czech Republic eJo for his great work with GTV and demo recording. To Czech Republic shebin who provided the GTV and partial admining and also to polish players Poland Thrawn and Poland mov9k who were substituting me.

There were 28 countries signed to the Nations Cup and all together there was 67 teams in all Quake series where total number of players was about 480.

One more thing.. Czech player and moviemaker Czech Republic silu is working on a fragmovie from Quake 3 tournament, so stay tuned!
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