Banned user
Disabled account due to abuse.

Users under probation have a reduced allocation of postings per hour, which need to be approved by an admin before they are made public. They may not edit their own posts or profiles, and cannot send iMsgs, nor buddy other users. This status is used for people who do not follow the user guidelines.

Anonymous user
Anonymous readers may browse all content on the website, and post replies to threads. However they have a restricted allowance of postings per hour and all replies must be approved by an admin before going live on the website. Anonymous postings display their IP address to identify the poster.

New user
Registered users begin as New user, and are able to post a large number of threads and replies per hour, but initially these must be approved by an admin before going public. They have their own profile. They may also upload files, and post galleries (although all files must be approved by an admin).

Regular user
This status kicks in automatically after 10 posts done by a New user. Has the same abilities as new users, but no longer requires admin approval for postings.

Jamerio'd users are normally put into this user level if they make long winded forum posts. This user level has the same benefits of a "Regular user" and is normally set as a warning to other users that they could be in for a long read.

Trusted user
Trusted users have the same abilities as Regular and New users, with the added benefit of being able to submit Major content (content which ends up on the front page), and use HTML rather than ESR tags.

Same abilities as Trusted users. VIP status is generally used for people who are well known in the esports scene, it can for instance be a great player or a prominent member of the gaming community. This is also used to make people know that the user is who he says he is, i.e. not using a fake nick.

This user level is reserved for Liefje.

This user level is reserved for broadcasters and has the same abilities as a Trusted user, with the added benefit of being able to submit items to the "Scheduled Listings".

User admin
User admins have access to most site functions. They can moderate any post in any way, for instance delete, rename, change content, promote it to major or nuke posts. They are also allowed to submit fixtures, polls, have access to the infamous admin forum and can approve files uploaded by other registered users.

Site admin
They have all the abilities of user admins as well as the ability to cash fixtures and see the results of a questionnaire.

Head admin
Same abilities as site admins except that they change the status of users (Probation or Banned for example) and change their profiles. They are also able to maintain various site features from fixed pages to game maps.

A special status for the site owner, Sujoy.