Challenge Promode Arena is a modification for the id id software Quake 3 Arena game. The concept behind Promode is the creation of a multiplayer deathmatch game that pushes its players to the max by removing any intentionally added elements that make the game easier, so as to appeal to the masses. It's like comparing a street car to a race car. You can race both but one of them is made specifically for the job.

Beginning with Quake 3 and adding the best ideas from Quake 1 and 2, Promode has reached a level of gameplay that has unrivalled balance and depth. In order to achieve this, a design team has been working on CPMA for nearly 8 years now, constantly tweaking and polishing the game.

To distinguish between Promode and ordinary Quake 3, the term CPM ruleset has been created. The CPM ruleset contains all the changes that make Promode a different game (for example, air-control and faster rockets) whereas the term VQ3 ruleset refers to the settings that the out-of-the-box Quake 3 uses.

In order to play Promode, you need a full Quake 3 installation, the CPMA client, the complete map pack and the ChallengeQ3 executable (with which you replace the original quake3.exe).

CPMA 1.44

CPMA complete map collection
Challenge Quake 3 v1.40
Quake 3 point release v1.32

CPMA = Challenge Promode Arena, the mod that allows you to play Promode but also VQ3, Clan Arena, Freezetag, etc.
CPM = The group of settings that define Promode gameplay
VQ3 = Vanilla Quake 3, the group of settings that define id's Quake 3 gameplay
CNQ3 = Challenge Quake 3, a custom Quake 3 executable which offers bug fixes and better performance

Help guides:
The Promode wiki is a great source of information, containing a lot of helpful guides

Useful links:
The homepage of CPMA
The Promode forums
Noobs Anonymous website
Facebook Promode Facebook group
wiki Wikipedia entry

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