Director :: The Boss!
United Kingdom Sujoy

Head Admin :: Same abilities as site admins except that they can promote a user to site admin/user admin status as well as the ability to change the status of users and change their profiles. When changing the status of a user they can make him anything from a banned user to a user admin. They are also able to maintain various site features this includes supported games, maps, mods, gametypes, fixed pages etc.

United Kingdom Daishi
Netherlands danny
United States of America Demiurge
United Kingdom Levi215
United Kingdom Nicky

Site Admin :: They have all the abilities of user admins. Site admins also has the ability to cash fixtures and see the results of a questionnaire.

Netherlands Black2lip
United Kingdom dallow
Netherlands Ins0mnia
Sweden Paladia
United Kingdom tom
France xou
Germany Nukm

User Admin :: User admins have access to most site functions. They can moderate any post in any way, for instance delete, rename, change content, promote it to major or nuke posts. They are also allowed to submit fixtures, polls, have access to the infamous admin forum, approve files uploaded by other registered users and can approve anonymous user posts.

United Kingdom Aaron
Germany acid-mea
Sweden Åke Vader
Netherlands A_Spec
Germany Badb0y
United Kingdom Boffbowsh
Poland Carmac
Ireland crow-
United Kingdom d3c4y
United Kingdom Dird
United Kingdom DR-HEXUS
Germany erazor
Germany KekSeh
Sweden Khorney
Norway lowje
Greece MaJunior
South Africa manic
United Kingdom Nellie
Norway netrex
United States of America nineX
United States of America RogeR1
Netherlands sizah
United Kingdom skint
United States of America Slasher
Sweden SobriuS
United States of America son!
Germany spyteman
United Kingdom TosspoT
United Kingdom therogue
Sweden voodoochopstiks
United States of America will
Netherlands Zerter