I have always been kind of a student of the game, and I really want to understand why QW TDM is highly regarded. My understanding and playtime is with Duel mainly, I understand basics of general TDM but not beyond that.

The dynamics of having a weaker starting weapon, you and your teammate(s) having to choose between an RL or RA for example, and coordinating your item pickups; it's definitely some extra strategy, but I can't see this being so much more sophisticated. It's almost like a money system in CS, or choosing characters that complement each other in some team games. What am I missing here?

How does the backpack mechanic influence the game (if it does)?

What is the deep strategy at higher levels? I have trouble understanding anything beyond controlling map areas and the items, because at the end of the day all I see is a high score mode with a structured way to go about fragging. Why do some consider it better than objective based modes?

What else makes QW TDM considered better than in later games? Or is it just something perpetrated as games became simplified and more accessible? I feel like although there is a difference, it isn't as much of a gap as implied.

I have tried searching quite a bit but could not find any articles or posts, let alone videos, that go in-depth. I was hoping DDK would have made something but it's more match commentary when it comes to QW.

I see ESR barely has active members these days, so I would really appreciate anyone who takes the time out to participate. I would love to see different opinions discussed back and forth. I want to learn about the nuances that I do not know of. Although my curiousity lies with QW, I guess my questions can cover TDM as a mode in general, so I welcome knowledge from other games.