Closed Beta will go down tomorrow (likely late Monday morning UTC)

The game will go down for the sake of the health of the team and in order to do some significant changes.

Open beta is when marketing will be scheduled.

With more competitive modes in the future there will be more replayability.

We have learned multiple things about running a live game during this period.


Weapon balance:

Netcode is clientside, rockets are too strong, and bouncy, once there are changes to the netcode it will be possible to balance them.

The Shaft's hit radius is smaller than in other arena FPS games, no knockback and is a little bit weak but this will also be easier to balance once the netcode changes.

The Shotgun will have a cone segment in the future (without starting from a single point) in order to manage its balance while being able to hit.



Due to the physics running at 500hz, while ground acceleration is a common value, the tickrate of the physics is affecting how people dodge in fights.

The Dodge mechanic is a bit too powerful for experienced players, which is making the game a lot faster. If its power ends up decreased a lot in the future then it might become possible to fire while doing it.


Game modes

The casual game modes were added in order to judge what the new players' experience would be like.

The Wipeout maps were designed for 5v5, but with 5v5 respawn times could get very large, the respawn times might be revisited or the respawn system might change. There aren't a lot of team choices in Diabotical, in open beta one thought at the moment is to spawn powerups that stay with the player for the whole round, they would spawn at 1 minute and then every 2 minutes, like armor, PnCR overcharge, ammo regen, in order to lead to teamplay in Wipeout to grab these powerups (this would be indicated in the HUD), the goal of this is to create reasons in order to have map control. There would be multiple powerup locations depending on the team size. Will be tested.


Gold Rush might be removed from the Arcade Modes and left in the Custom Game. Brawl FFA will become a special warmup mode.

CTF will be added to Quickplay in the future, James thinks that runes and grapple hook and CTF would make CTF a lot more fun like in Quake 2 Lithium mod.

James thinks that Arcade modes should have 1 or 2 weapons tops since some new players won't have to make many decisions about which weapon to pick since they aren't knowledgeable yet.

The Arena card will be moved to Competitive, along with a separate card for Duel and a Competitive playlist which will have multiple modes which is what is planned for the competitive screne.


Block height

At 1 block height there are multiple issues with the combat, which aren't as visible in Wipeout, more competitive game modes require more floor height variation so there will be a half block floor blocks which FireFrog will work on.



The shop has to be added which has already been worked on, there are 141 weapon skins already done by Rading



There have been some cheaters which has been made easier due to the client side nature of the game at the moment but we are happy with EQU8's detection of cheaters we just haven't done sweeping bans yet since we weren't sure about all detected cases being correct since we haven't locked certain parts of the game yet and wanted to confirm some detections see: Update on thecnical matters by FireFrog


Time Trials (the name of defrag/race in Diabotical)

Will come, we have spoken to some very good defrag players, and there will some changes to the movement and other movement physics options will be available


Closed beta going down

The game will be taken down in order to improve it and it will be brought back up from time to time when we want to test some new game modes. Alpha testers will also stop having access since there are very good players with access who could get a very big advantage now that the competitive modes will be worked on.


Open beta is likely to happen in 1 or 2 months from now, since we have reworks to do.

Some mappers might be given access in order to help with some needed maps.

There will be some mapping contests sometime after open beta with prizemoney.


For people that wish to support the game your will be able to buy thing in the in-game shop when it comes available in order to get something for yourself and help the game's development.


There will be some tournaments announced when the open beta comes, the competitive modes TDM, MacGuffin an Wipeout will be 3v3.


The Closed beta will end Monday 12:00 CET (noon), you can check what that is in your in your timezone here.


(I wrote this during the stream do let me know if there are some mistakes here)