I know prolly 80% of you people don't give a shit about my life BUT

Diabotical 1v1 arena ranked with leaderboard, I'll dominate it. 1st 6months i'll be in top20, after that i'll try to stay at top3/1 as long as i can.
I'll then start streaming, cuz i've got i7-6700k 4GHz + 16GB ram and GTX 1070. Hopefully will build a community out of it. 200-300 viewers average would be my dream, and who knows, if i'm very lucky, i perhaps could reach 600-900 viewers, but it's wayyyy to early to know.

Atm i have a work, i'm far from rich, but i can live decently enough, and my goal isn't by any mean to be rich, that said if the opportunity comes and i can make a fair amount of money, fine BUT, i'll just keep what i need to have a decent life (food + small/very small appartment with good internet connection and my current pc/setup), and use all the remaining money to help people, in any ways possible. Giving money or buying gaming gears etc for broke people.

My stream will also be open for ANY sort of advices i can give, because i like helping people to get better, in any ways.

Most people don't like me cuz i either say stupid shit or seem cocky/arrogant/french, but for those who got to know me deeper, really i'm a very nice guy IRL, and even with my friends online. But nobody is perfect :)

And for those who think i'm delusional, well, it's your opinion and it's prolly also driven by the fact that you don't like me. But trust me, lately i've been doing more than good at thunderstruck (or let's say 1v1/2v2 CA), what i'm about to say will again sounds pretentious/cocky/arrogant, but it's a fact : I've been beating all the best combat-skills players, i won't tell you who, because some of them might dislike me even more :D, but i'm confident as fuck and tbh for the time being i don't think i'm beatable anymore. The king of thunderstruck is back. That's not false statements nor self-proclamation, neither lies, if you want to know more ask the players that met me recently.
ANNNDDDD... obviously i'm not talking about duel, tdm, ctf etc cuz i'm shit at it, again, i'm talking about 1v1/2v2 CA, and i care only about that, that's why i'm REALLY looking forwards to diabotical arena.

/end of rant, thank you if you read it all, otherwise, tl;dr :D

hf people